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i mean the only thing she really got to do was have shizuka use her body. to bad we only got to see him at least twice throughout the whole series D:. i just had to type what was on my mind 😀 i just noticed that what i typed doesn’t relate to this discussion (chapter wise) · Reply Black Snow I think that what you think of Kaname is alright but judging from what was going on in the chapters after season 2, I think that all the facts about Kaname then didn’t really sink into your head (no offense).

They are mainly here to keep the challenge balanced and maintain a degree of difficulty as you play through your 10 generations.Spouses may not bring in any money with them when they move in/marry into the family.To prevent this, you may merge townies into families with one another prior to moving them in.Currently there are a lot of rumors concerning the production of new episodes of the anime, but this information hasn’t been confirmed yet.There is a suggestion that after finishing the manga till the end of 2013, producers are going to start working on the season 3 (Destiny) of «Vampire Knight».

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You may rename the baby, and it is recommended (but not required) that you change their last name to the Legacy Family’s name.

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