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Then I made some advancement further: I inserted my hand under her trouser and touched her bare skin. It went in just for an inch and that’s when she woke up!

When she saw me lying behind her with this most obvious pose, she got afraid and told me to let her go. She made protest but I put a hand on her mouth and showed my cock to her.

When I felt that my cock was touching her pussy, she warned me not to be quick so that I won’t hurt her.

That’s why I slowly shoved my cock in her and later I felt that my cock had stopped by something.

That was my first time to see a nude girl and to fuck a girl. When I inserted my cock in her cute hot ass, she moaned extremely as she was small girl with small asshole!

She took one of her finger in her pussy and finally she could insert her 4 fingers in her!

to make me hot, she also tasted my balls and suck them so good! Finally, I considered her pussy was ready now, and inserted my cock in her.

When this story happened to me, at that time I was staying with my uncle, away from my home city.

When my uncle and his family were supposed to meet their relatives, I had always been alone at home.

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