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We could just meet at Starbucks but the coffee shops in Shinchon have a tendency to be extremely crowded. If you are below level 4, I think you may have a very difficult time following along.

Please leave a comment below if you are interested.

Improving upon earlier Chinese printing methods, Korea became the first country in the world to use movable cast metal type in 1234.

Medical knowledge also developed during the thirteenth century.

The class will be free but there may be a small fee for use of a classroom.

Stretching southward from Manchuria and Siberia for close to 600 miles (966 kilometers), it extends down to the Korea Strait.

China lies to Korea's west, separated from the peninsula by the Yellow Sea.

Tungusic tribes from the Altai mountain region in central Asia made the peninsula their home during the Neolithic period around 4000 several wall-town states throughout the peninsula were large enough to be recognized by China.

The most advanced of these, Old Choson, was located in the basin of the Liao and Taedong rivers, where Pyongyang is situated today.

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