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There was and her pioneering efforts to make the series available to deaf children, Rachel Stevenson was honored with Mc Call’s Golden Mike Award in 1962.

From his cluttered rolltop desk, or from the reasonable facsimile of a distant planet’s surface, Dr. Posin of De Paul University explained astronomy and physics to viewers of all ages in ways that were unique, entertaining, and always informative.

It was during this time that the station also served as a “working exhibit” in the east wing of the Museum of Science and Industry.

The court heard that Foxtel wants to find ways to cut the costs of applying for site-blocking injunctions, with the company describing the current process as “quite cumbersome”.

Unlike the TVB and Roadshow applications, Foxtel’s latest application seeks to block standard web-based Bit Torrent and streaming services of the kind that are currently subject to site-blocking injunctions.

WTTW was selected as one of a small number of national production centers to produce two of the tele-courses, World History and American History.

Beyond direct classroom-oriented instruction, children’s programming has always played a critical role at WTTW.

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