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Retired detective Paul Ybarrondo also worked on this case and was interviewed by the local CBS station back then. Tatro had drowned in what was ruled a boating accident in Tennessee in 2011. Gretchen Von Helms argues investigators had tunnel vision and interpreted everything Kevin Brown said as evidence of his guilt.“…we are evaluating all the evidence we recovered at the scene,” Ybarrondo told a reporter. The police encouraged Claire’s parents to keep communicating with Wheeler, thinking he might confess or at least give them some useful information. James Vlahos, a CBS News consultant, wrote about the case in October 2015 for The Atlantic Magazine. She says that’s what happened when Brown told a detective “I had no idea” Claire was 14.Kevin Brown retired from the San Diego Police Department in 2002. “So I thought, OK, they’re talking about some case that he worked on,” she continued. “So let’s say the analyst took Kevin’s semen sample, wearin’ the same gloves and then handled the deep vaginal swab …

Before long, they were approached by a man named Wallace Wheeler. For decades after the murders of Barbara Nantais and Claire Hough, the San Diego Police Department kept investigating sporadically. Claire’s friend, Kim Jamer, kept waiting for some news. The cases were reopened, and investigators were hoping advanced DNA technology would change the course of things. The new DNA tests would find nothing useful on their daughter, but Claire Hough’s friend, Kim Jamer, would soon get a visit from a detective. “‘Did you see any of these people during your trip? U-T San Diego/ZUMA Wire; Rebecca Brown “48 Hours” obtained the San Diego Police Department case affidavits and search warrants. The other DNA — a tiny, microscopic amount reportedly found inside Claire — was linked to a man named Kevin Brown. …he was a sweetheart.” The Browns had led a quiet life revolving around church, travel, and their pets before that visit by investigators in January of 2014. It was the early 80s before much was known about DNA, and the procedures now used to prevent contamination did not exist. “The swab itself was put to dry in the open air…” said Iredale. The San Diego Police Department, however, insists that contamination was not possible. “Most likely, Kevin’s semen standard was in that lab and several analysts may have even had it. “We were rock stars, all of us in there,” Alt recalled. And this is probably one reason why: Alt was featured in a wet suit ad in Surfer Magazine.Claire had been found just a few hundred yards from where Barbara Nantais had been killed. Wheeler wrote long and rambling letters to the Houghs, one of them saying Claire was coming to him in visions. “Did the police go and talk to Ronald Tatro when they found his DNA in Claire Hough’s body? “They immediately think the — the suspicious, guilty version of that versus, ‘Oh, my God. '” The attorneys admit Kevin Brown’s personality did little to help him during the investigation. let’s say, in the history of the San Diego Police Department lab,” said Iredale.“To me it was — a lot of similarities there,” Ybarrondo told Schlesinger. “‘That was why she let me see her smiling face and really her eyes were radiant,'” Sam Hough read aloud from the letter. You’re telling me this awful crime,'” Von Helms said. “He was kind of like a nervous Nelly,” said John Durina.

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