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Smell is the most important sense for cats, so it's a good idea to transfer some of the smells of your home onto the coat of your new kitten before the introductions.

Mix the scents by stroking first your resident cat, then the kitten, without washing your hands, and vice versa.

Cats don't understand punishment and, since her behavior is a result of stress, you'll actually be making the problem worse.

You can easily teach your kitten to tolerate short absences by leaving her in a room, closing the door and walking away.

Assuming she's already had lots of human contact, it shouldn't be too difficult for you to reinforce all the good work and help her grow into a friendly, happy, confident cat.

When your kitten first arrives home with you, remember it can all be a bit overwhelming for her.

During the introduction, separate the pets at any sign of aggression.

She could be excessively vocal perhaps or soil the house in your absence.

They also need to become accustomed to the sights, smells and sounds of everyday life.

Your kitten will probably move into your home when she's about eight to 12 weeks of age.

You'll want your kitten to become a cat that relates well to people and is a friend and companion.

To achieve this, you need to bear in mind that cats have a very short socialization phase.

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It's a good idea to introduce your young kitten to as many people as possible.

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