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That's total karma between posts and comments, doesn't matter what the distribution is. It's all part of /r/r4r's neverending battle against bots, spammers, scammers, catfish, trolls, harassers, and low quality individuals that don't want to take any time to learn about reddit or /r/r4r.And every brand new account has a default 1 post karma and 1 comment karma, so a new user would really only need 8 more karma to reach the minimum. This rule will cut down on the prevalence of several of these elements although it will certainly not remove them completely.We understand that this will have an adverse effect on some within our community and we apologize for this inconvenience.But keep in mind that this is ultimately for the betterment of our community, this has been affecting a relatively small percentage of regular /r/r4r users (especially since the 2-day account minimum has already been around for a while), and it's not too difficult to reach the minimum karma value.I've met some great folks, and hope that continues. If you wanna beat the Seattle Freeze and hangout at the beach, go bowling, find an oldschool arcade or bar hop, let's do it!if you've sent me a message before, do it again? Well kept beards are definitely additional brownie points! Willing to be weird with me yet knows when to be serious. If you want a gaming buddy hit me up (summoners war for mobile, xbox one for console, of course steam too)!I’m going through a weird time rn and I thought it would be cool to reach out to people in a similar situation. Good job, homeowner, cat lover, tattoos, obsessed with waffles. I've always had trouble describing myself and what I want in a relationship because I feel like I'm caught between two "realms". I like the idea of finding someone accepting of my more feminine/nurturing side. As long as this post is up feel free to message me. If you want, send me a PM and let's get to know each other, possibly after switching to a better chat/messaging system than Reddit's. How old were you when you found out about Santa Claus? I don't want to put a label on what I'm looking for nor do I believe in forcing anything. I'm a thirty three year old cis male of non Caucasian background that works in computer security, doing computer security stuff.

Accounts must be older than 48 hours in order to post or comment.will answer tomorrow though truthfully i'm bored and cant sleep and rife with that crippling loneliness that only being single on the back side of twenty can bring, you feel? be okay with me spending the entirety of my days off playing games, but also encourage me to be social and see friends as well.my therapist tells me to avoid dating other depressed people, but I don't mind being friends. i post on r4r on and off, and have for a few years now. Is that you EDIT: On my end, the picture format is messed up even though it shouldn't be... Just moved back near the Seattle area after being away for a few years and looking for all types of friends under the sun (clouds? If you would like someone to share your snapchat stories with, add me!i've been to asia twice, and some other places. i love cooking/food/'foodie' culture, art, and twitch. LDR will not be an issue and would like to give it a try also. - 22-27 - If possible, fit or lean - Clean and takes care of himself - Considerate, supportive, responsible, dependable - Accept me for who I am. ) to go visit my best friend who is currently studying in Los Angeles, California (never been! Sure I have to deal with poop sometimes, but I love brightening their day. My dream is to serve my country by becoming a nascar driver.) Along the way I want to see as much of America as I possibly can! I'm not doing anything to pursue that dream except trying to race people in a ford ranger (i have such a good imagination). Animals are cool and I like wet specimens and taxidermy.

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