Life in a cubicle a guide to dating a coworker

In all of the personalities found in your workplace, which is the one that keeps you happiest, which personality to do you look forward to seeing everyday for eight hours a span?Whether you work in an office, school building, hospital, zoo or a secret location, we all have the same crux to bare—creating a positive environment with a motley crew of coworkers.The Procrastinator then becomes the ninth wonder of the world, a magician typing faster than humanly possible, responding to texts at the speed of lightning and magically producing documents and slides minutes before they present that project at the weekly staff meeting.Avoid this person on Friday afternoon or you may just get caught up in the flurry! Everyone has a different learning style and different work style.

The memo could be about a completely different person, from a different office, in a completely different job yet the Panicker will always think it’s about THEM. The best defense is to keep calm, let them vent to get it out of their systems, and remember they don’t mean everything they say.

How to work with them: I hope you like the smell of coffee because the easiest way to lure them to a meeting is to have a pot of coffee brewing in the room (or a Keuring, if you’re fancy). You may not realize they are a stockpiler unless you investigate the details. Think of it as a classroom helper job, just like the one you had in first grade.

Entice them with the fruit of life; use that coffee as bait! Was that new light blue legal pad from the last office order? I bet they wouldn’t mind sharing their office supply stash with a close friend. OR if necessary, find their stash and slowly take from it whenever you need something just be careful not to get caught.

They know who to go to for what, how to schmooze for that holiday party WITH adult beverages, and constantly carry a mental to-do list for every workplace activity.

Sometimes they do not know how to stay in their own lane, yet in their minds they do this for the “betterment of the office.” How to work with them: You have a very hard choice to make—either sit back and let the person be the captain or start voicing your opinion.

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