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Would you see a scarf knitted out of yarn exhibited in a gallery in New York and get recognition?

I have a series romance RITA® Reader Challenge review today, this time from Lindlee, who really liked this book. They hit it off, and Zoe ends up agreeing to pose as Sean’s girlfriend at his family’s Thanksgiving.

I liked the progression of Sean and Zoe’s relationship.

From the beginning the two of them are attracted to one another, but because of the circumstances (fake relationship/Sean’s pretty serious leg injury), they don’t immediately initiate a dating relationship.

Zoe’s girl-next-door looks make Sean wish their charade was a romantic reality, but Zoe is hiding something…and he has until the clock strikes midnight on New Year’s Eve to discover her secret!

And now, Lindlee’s review: Christmas Magic on the Mountain is the story of two people doing such a good job of pretending to be boyfriend and girlfriend that it becomes real.

He then moved onto performance and video through which, he again used strangers as his models and photographed them after hours of spitting food coloring onto their faces.

He would photograph them until they reached exhaustion, capturing the intensity of that moment which became an abstract painting. After photographing his models he would then take all the photographs and turn them into still video images.

I kinda felt that Zoe’s family owed her an apology for some of their past behavior.

He's making art look as though his didn't use any technology.

I like the way he photographs people and turns it into a sculpture or video, but get very minimal, low budgeted technology.

Oliver uses strangers as his models because he like the unexpected and unpredictable encounters.

He never uses a script, but allows his models an impromptu dialogue between the two strangers.

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