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Fortunately, Jennifer was wise to the scam from the beginning.She never contacted “Jonathan” over email and instead reported the message to Linked In.“Our customer service team works with members to resolve issues as soon as we receive them,” Fisher continued via email.“When we confirm something as inappropriate we’ll take appropriate action, including potentially removing the offending member from the site. “ According to Hatcher though, not every case is handled with the same sensitivity.The fact that scammers haunt social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter is not surprising—at the heart of those platforms lies the drive to broaden one’s horizons.Those opportunities to learn more about the world, to find out what you love, and to engage with distant followers are certainly exciting despite the risk of connecting with new people who might be more foe than friend. However, scammers are adaptable insofar as they are willing to stalk users even on more business-oriented sites where connections carry professional gravity.A.-based Konnect PR, received a sexually explicit message over the social network, she had had enough.She removed him from her connections, blocked his messages and contacted Linked In with the offense—but it didn't quite do the trick. But what matters more is that this kind of behavior on Linked In—in which young female professionals are targeted by men trolling for dates, casual encounters or just sending solicitous messages—is becoming something close to the new normal. An interactive media strategist based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Olson says that between her and her twin sister she’s seen more than 250 inappropriate messages in the past 12 months.

Jennifer would then have lost thousands of dollars in the process, and there’s no way she would have received her millions.

“We’ve always been aware of the potential of members in our 200M member community to be contacted by people who may send inappropriate correspondence,” says Catherine Fisher.

There are safeguards in place, among them the ability to report messages as spam or control message from Linked In members who aren’t connections, she says, and members are encouraged to report issues to the Help Center, something both Hatcher and Olson say they’ve done.

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“Unless I absolutely know that someone is spam, I typically accept all requests to connect via Linked In,” she says.

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