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The most common method is through the use of Trojan horse malware, which is malicious code hidden in seemingly innocent files.

Once downloaded, these files will allow hackers backdoor control of your device.

But by providing public access to these devices -- including CCTV networks in shops and baby monitors -- the website is exposing their intimate moments.

The website claims its motive is to draw attention to the problem.

Following an investigation by Good Morning Britain that found 100,000s of devices were vulnerable, security experts have called for consumers to be both aware of the dangers and vigilant in protecting their homes from these worryingly simple hacks.

Speaking to the Huffington Post UK, Kaspersky Lab’s principal security researcher David Emm explains that the dangers can extend to every aspect of your home life.

There have also been multiple instances of hackers using unlawful techniques to spy on people they know.

As well as laptops, baby monitors have repeatedly been the subjects of unlawful viewing.

However he points out that if anyone’s in doubt they should immediately change their device’s password and any passwords used to access the live video feed.

“The most alarming aspect of this is the potential harm that could be done to the most vulnerable members of any family: i.e.

they can interact with a young child.” “Alternatively,” explains Emm, “they could use the camera to spy on the person who owns it – listen to conversations, see who comes in and out of a room where the device is being used, etc.” How do you find out if you’ve been hacked?

The Edward Snowden leaks revealed that the NSA worked out how to access the camera in an i Phone a long time ago.

But, how do hackers access a webcam or Face Time camera?

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