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My regular research patterns revealed virtually nothing.

The bottle pictures revealed that no less than five different bottling plants were in Saint James Parish and one just outside affiliated with this company. There was the Convent Bottling Works and the Convent Bottling Company. The plant eventually closed as bottling operations were consolidated into ever larger markets as transportation improved.The donated items and all the artifacts from our past are displayed inside the Poche Plantation Saint James Parish Museum in Convent, LA.Neither Timmy nor myself ever thought that from Soda Pop bottle dropped off at the Gramercy Tourist Center reveal the extensive bottling and distribution operations once employing many that had thrived in Saint James Parish and brought liquid refreshment to many a hot day. The Grand Dame Of The Great River Road Oak Alley Plantation Perhaps the most photographed plantation in Louisiana, this home was built in 1839 and was originally named Bon Séjour (pleasant sojourn).The Reserve Bottling Company was a large company which, along with the Convent Bottling Works adapted their manufacturing techniques to help introduce the modern bottle of the day, the crystal design Pop-Top Soda Pop bottle!These were ground breaking both in design and in strength. Any public comments that could reveal more history of the bottling boom is encouraged and would be most welcome.

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At the heart of preparations is ‘The Welcome Center’ which is located in a magnificent example of a French-Creole home.

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