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Similarly, for couples counselling and marriage therapy, we meet face-to-face in our London locations but can be flexible in terms of meeting online.

Our dating and relationship experts work with any dating and relationship related issues, from how to create an online profile, get a second date to how to communicate better with your partner.

I wrote this on how to improve the way we treat each other when online dating ... #youandyours New code of conduct for treating each other well when online dating - I wrote this after listening to You and Yours yesterday!

Did you know that there’s a more powerful approach than swiping on dating sites?

We treated them like fellow human beings, especially if we thought our behaviour could get back to our friends or colleagues.

What if we signed up to an agreement where we promised to try our best to treat online dates like we treat our friends?

So if you’re sick of the norms of online dating and want to date more naturally, read and up sign up to my Dating Nicely Code and look for others doing the same.

As a Personal Wellness Coach, I help women and men to look and feel better, from the inside out.

We offer both date coaching and couples counselling.

Our expertise lies in optimising romantic relationships, how they are formed, maintained and nurtured.

Dating is like a work of art, and I love the creativity of helping my clients build the perfect trajectory.

But did it used to be like that, when we met people naturally — what I call organic dating?

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