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He’s never bored and disappointed, rather He gives you a cross to bear that will help you grow in virtues like grace, humility, and patience.Meet Jesus at the cross and see that He is the the only guy you need by your side.“All the single ladies, all the single ladies…” Whether you’re the girl next door or the beauty pageant queen, us single girls may not wake up every morning with a tattoo on our forehead saying #LONELY, but deep down our words and actions may scream it daily. You look around the hallways at school and all you see are couples. I walked through the halls as cool and casual as possible, but secretly I wanted to have a huge sign on my forehead that says: “Hi. ASK ME TO PROM.” I attended all the dances at my high school with a group of friends, both my junior and senior year. Do you only want __(you name the guy)__ by your side for: a picture, a dinner, a dance, your reputation, or even just the idea of having a date? We are daughters of a King; we are princesses of heaven.Every day feels like “Singles Awareness Day,” which is weird because you feel so invisible 90% of the time. When my college friends go through my prom pictures I hear the question: “I don’t get it Katie… ” The real question is: how did I handle it without being bitter? I know that sometimes you get upset with yourself and try to lower the high standards you’ve set for guys. Don’t beat yourself up and blame yourself for being single. This will bring you peace knowing that settling for a boy is never the answer.He can tug at your heart strings and make you feel so unworthy, when in reality you’re the most precious thing on this earth!Satan is at work when you look in the mirror and all you hear is, “you’re not good enough.” But fear not because it’s simply not true! These are where God’s words transform into love letters for me, and I hope for you.Let me delve into the pet peeves that always have me disabling my online profile after a few weeks of reactivation: However, one of the benefits of online dating is that you can quickly filter out the wrong people.Some will argue that you risk missing out on potentially great people based on differences, but I’m okay with that.

I don’t want to argue with those who think I should be more flexible. I have good friends who are serial daters and are never single for a second, and yet they are no closer to finding the relationship they truly seek. I don’t have the patience to waste my time in something my gut knows will not work. That being said, it doesn’t mean I haven’t allowed myself to spend time in situations driven by those other emotions.

God told us that His daughters are “more precious than jewels; And nothing you desire compares with her” (Proverbs ).

When you feel unworthy of love, it’s the devil who is putting that thought in your head.

Within minutes of rejoining, I’m always like “oh yeah, this is why I hate this shit.”Here’s the thing, I know exactly what I want when it comes to building a life with someone.

I haven’t always been able to articulate it, but I’ve always known.

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As you read you will see how precious you are to your Father.

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