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Even when older posters are giving relationship advice, its flawed.

As a young woman, heres the message that I want to give to young posters who join Loveshack.

These people were just like a rat on a wheel, hoping to somehow get what they want with no effort or taking responsibility for their own situations.Chances are that you are more educated and informed than the baby boomers on there. I like Carhill just fine, though his mod personality was necessarily annoying because who likes criticism, right?Why would you trust people, who dont take responsibility for their failed relationships? There were some stupid rules, as if this site wasn't for 18 years old and over but for grade school kids.The mods said back a few months when the site was down for a couple of weeks that it could just vanish one day, and it has. If I knew how to make an app-friendly site, I'd do it myself. If I do, I'll come on here and let people know. What I liked best: I thought as a whole, there was usually a very good consensus of advice, especially on serious matters.We'll see if anything else happens, new site, whatever. What I liked least, people who came on there making basically the same post over and over, got sound advice, ignored it, and kept posting hoping for someone, anyone, who agreed with them.

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