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Being summer, I guess they’re having trouble renting it out, ’cause the rate was real cheap.”Tammy chimed in, “Tom showed it to me when he saw it in the paper. It has a big great room with four double sized futon beds and a fireplace.We thought maybe we could all chip in and go for the upcoming holiday weekend.”John asked, “What do you mean by cheap? Not that we would want a fire in this nice weather.”Willie and Wanda had just been sitting and listening to the conversation.Wanda spoke up, “If the sleeping accommodations are just the four big futons, its not going to give anyone much privacy.”Willie added, “You all know how shy Wanda is.”Chuck quickly said, “Maybe this would help her get over being Little Miss Shy!Tammy and I think we would all enjoy a weekend up in the mountains.

About the Author Denis Laverty possesses more than 17 years experience in network management and communications, Denis has been involved with network management applications from the early DOS days; as product trainer, technical author and QA Director.

We always had a good time together, where ever we went and whatever we did.

Tom spoke up, “I saw an ad for an off season condo rental up at the ski area.

”Tammy added, “When we called to ask about it, they said it was fully furnished with dishes and linens.

That all we would need to bring would be clothes, food, and whatever we wanted to drink.

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