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3) Plants on land allowed for animals on land, so without land plants, we wouldn’t be here.

Sedimentary rock is buried deeper to make metamorphic rock, the metamorphic rock is uplifted and during this process the material overhead is eroded so that it can be exposed at surface.

The second project would be to establish some means of measuring deformation of the mountain itself.

This could be done with tiltmeters or GPS stations, but GPS would be better.

The risk would be increased if the eruption takes place in winter or spring when the amount of snow is at a maximum.

Yes, Squamish is at risk from lava that flows on the southern and western sides of the mountain.

There is a Pleistocene-aged lava flow clearly evident in the photograph.

Garibaldi to be able to accurately define the locations and depths of earthquakes around the volcano.So the first project would be to establish about 5 additional seismic stations in the Squamish region.They don’t have to be right on the mountain, but can be placed near to existing roads and highways in the area. Every effort should be made to have them located on all sides of the mountain.It depends where you live of course, but if you live anywhere in Canada and anywhere in the US east of the San Andreas fault, then you’re on the North America Plate, and that is moving towards the west at 2 to 2.5 cm/year.So if you’re around 20 years old, that plate has moved between 40 and 50 cm to the west in your lifetime.1) The oxygenation of the atmosphere started at around 2.5 Ga (2500 Ma).

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