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In spite of that, I feel that I made giant strides in enjoying this aspect of my personality; this is the first time anyone other than myself has seen her. This especially applies to you saying that dressing may a manifestation of how I admire women and cherish (if that is the right word) them.

This really seems very true for me and help makes a lot of sense. They say that the ability for humans to feel gratitude is a blessing. So I just wanted to acknowledge my gratitude to you before too much time has passed.

As I get in my twilight years its time I start matching my body with my soul. I only regret my own inhibitions and should have followed your suggestions, like going outside.

I then, for a decade, repeated the event four times a year. You can tell up front who is truly accepting and who will go along with it, but.......

Right from the first call Karen was warm welcoming and helpful. I decided I wanted to drive dressed for my appointment so I booked a hotel close to Karen.

I got dressed then drove to Karen's house which was a lovely neighborhood very safe and easy to get out of my car right in front of her front door.

You will soon learn who is supportive and who is not.

I never had a bad experience [email protected] Writes: Dearest Karen, It seems impossible that 21 months ago that I had never worn makeup nor dressed in complete feminine attire, but your skill, disarming manner and caring has let me find that small child that had been ignored for so long.

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Your knowledge in this area is second to none and I appreciate all of the advice that you give. But I got the urge about 15 years ago to try on women's clothes. Then she grabbed her camera, and that's when the fun really began. And then we changed outfits, and took more pictures. Tell her a little about yourself, and what you want. I just arrived back home yesterday, so today was the first chance I had to look at the photos you took. I really didn't expect that to happen but I think the comportment suggestions helped achieve this.

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