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When you meet her father to request permission to see her right at the start, he’ll want to be confident that you can provide all this from the get-go.

We put pen to paper about my present and future financial situation including debts and assets, details about how much the engagement ring and ceremony would cost, the wedding and gold, the honeymoon and then of course, where we’d be living and how much that would cost.

There were lots of questions about religion and family too.

This meant everything about my mother and father, what they do and whether or not they’re together, as well as the extent of my religious commitment.

At the end of the very long discussion the girl’s father concluded by simply saying for marriage until they’re well into their mid-thirties.

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  1. Mais au moment où vous allez passer à la vitesse supérieure, l’arrivée de son frère risque bien de tout changer…C’est VOTRE histoire ! Bien au-delà de la lecture, vous influencez l’histoire et le dénouement final, par les choix que vous décidez de faire.