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He is one of a small group of volunteers certified to drive the squad truck and operate its heavy equipment at accident scenes requiring extrication equipment.These responsibilities are in addition to the minimal 48 hours a month of shift work required of all members.From its headquarters on Reservoir Street, R40 responds to approximately 8,000 calls per year.(Photos by Michael Sheeler)On any given Saturday night, when most married couples are relaxing in front of their TVs or maybe eating out, this couple is more likely to be found at an accident scene or a strange home – “seeing things no one else will see.” Jackson and Katrina (Lehman) Maust have been rescue squad members since they were Eastern Mennonite University undergraduates six years ago.Shifts vary from six hours on the weekdays to 12 hours on the weekends.When Katie and Jackson work a shift, they usually fill the role of duty officer, or shift supervisor – assessing calls and determining which crews will be sent.“Both of my jobs are high stress, intense places to work where sometimes horrible, awful things happen,” says Katie.“You see very raw human emotion and the human experience right there in front of you.

Yet Jackson eventually found a calling, thanks to the rigorous training and the strong support network provided by HRS.

In times like that, the Mausts – Jackson is a physical therapist and Katie an emergency room nurse – come to lend their capable hands.

“Sometimes I think about what normal people do on a Saturday night,” Katie said. In situations like that, I think it’s easier that the two of us share that common commitment and that common interest.” Helping people in need, and walking with them through those times, is a calling to the Mausts, and in their work, they are sustained by their faith, their family and friends, their colleagues, and each other.

Katie was recently voted to a one-year term on the board of directors and also sits on the training committee.

Jackson serves as one of three fleet maintenance officers and also one of four deputy chiefs (each chief is in charge of the squad’s operations on a rotating four-week schedule).

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