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The two briefly argue, but Weaver placates Carrie by insisting that he's never done anything so invasive before.

He apologizes profusely and tells her that he was overcome by wanting to know everything about her because he likes her so much. Weaver then tells her that, evident by what he's read, they have a lot to talk about.

Carrie tells him that she didn't want to make a big deal out of it because that adversely affected her last relationship.He explains that the scene is intended to be funny, but that most people don't understand the humor His manager has advised him to alter it, but Carrie encourages him not to and regales him with a story from her mother's funeral.When she tells him she works for Interview and is interested in talking to him more, he asks her to join him for a drink.Larissa misunderstands and assumes that Carrie was unable to get a decent scoop, but Carrie corrects her.She says that while she unearthed quite a bit regarding Weaver's life and work, she isn't comfortable exploiting him or their relationship.

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