Massachusetts dating laws

Legal research requires the use of many different sources.

Alternatively, Massachusett has been represented as Moswetuset—from the name of the Moswetuset Hummock (meaning "hill shaped like an arrowhead") in Quincy, where Plymouth Colony commander Myles Standish, hired English military officer, and Squanto, part of the now disappeared Patuxet band of the Wampanoag peoples, met Chief Chickatawbut in 1621.For assistance in locating materials in the collection, please consult a member of the library staff.Statutory rape in Massachusetts occurs when a person has sexual intercourse with another person who is under the statutory age of consent and is not their spouse.This guide provides an overview of the legal research process in Massachusetts, including secondary and primary sources.Unless otherwise indicated, all of the call numbers listed in this guide are for the Boston College Law Library’s Massachusetts Collection, located on Level 4 of the library.

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