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I don't look like this, and you're awful, and you must hate me.' And I'm crushed by it, so I kind of am weird about being in the room when it's shown.""Is my portrait up there? "Maybe the eyes." (Swollen, purple.) "Yeah, it looks like blood, that's lipstick. "How do I explain it — I've had a lot of coffee, so I'm not (making sense) here, but people are — it's weird because you can't really describe it.Conventional beauty is as rare as being, for instance, a dwarf or something, so to me, it's on the same spectrum.

Matthew is good in painting as well and on his website, he often posts his painted pictures. His paintings are in-demand and at a 2005 exhibition, all his paintings were sold.Matthew had aptly said once: Matthew splits his time between Las Vegas and NY.He has been in relationships with Eve Wind, Charlotte Kemp Muhl (2004-2005), Kat Dennings (2007), Marisa Morris (2008-2010), and Victoria Asher (2010-2011)."He paints a picture with them more than anything else," said Scott David, Criminal Minds' casting director, who said he's "always on the lookout" for "a Gubler type."David didn't have a very specific definition of a "Gubler type" beyond some adjectives: interesting, odd, weird, different.Finding talent for Gubler's episodes, he said, is "arduous." "He doesn't like to accept anything less than perfect," David said of Gubler's casting choices.

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Matthew Gray Gubler is best known for his portrayal of Dr.

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