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Their study examined the effect of blogging on adolescents with social-emotional difficulties.The findings showed that generally open blogging had a greater and significant effect on participants, irrespective of subject content, when compared with blogs that were closed to readers’ comments.The findings revealed that the participants asked questions to satisfy 28 categories of information needs.The majority of the questions (76%) were school related, suggesting that social media can be a major source of information for answering the questions teens care about, especially school-related information.[xxv] A study by Boniel-Nissim and Barak suggests that social media use can be therapeutic.

The report further indicates a high prevalence of both organized and petty crime, leading to stigmatization of residents, especially young people.[v] Social media offers young people several benefits and opportunities, including access to information, extended social networks, social skills practice, identity expression, informal learning opportunities, interest-based groups, development and maintenance of friendships, and fun.[vi] Social media has been described as an important part of a young person’s life and a platform for experimentation, creative self-expression, and identity formation.[vii] The increased use of social media, or social network sites (SNS), by youth across the world has several risks and consequences.

Their findings posited that Internet-based blogging is a viable intervention to help adolescents with social-emotional difficulties.

The researchers also saw it as an enhanced form of writing diaries, since it offers the writer not only text, but pictures, movies, and links to other web pages, while expressing themselves, sometimes anonymously.[xxvi] A few studies in Africa have discussed various aspects of social media use by youth.

The two suburbs have been categorized by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) as low-income and non-indigenous (dominantly migrant) areas.

The populations of Nima and Maamobi are 69,044 and 49,812, respectively.

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