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He is in my house on my pants leg just hanging out. Im a thirty year old man who changed my path from pursuing music to pursue a career in nursing.My physiology class and relationships in my life have become overwhelming as I have Aspergers on top of actual sensor overload in my life.I hope it didn’t glaze my shoulder then fall to its death but yeah idk. I have been going through many changes and a very violent upbrubt fight happened between me and now and ex boyfriend this mronkng.

I just stood their pumping gas staring at it n I kind of waved my hand over it to see if it would move n it didn’t. Reply I searched this today because I’ve been having a very deep connection to butterflies and dragonflies recently I have noticed that dragon flies will follow me around and more often than not will have their mate with them, bumping into each other a bunch, which I can only assume is mating lol.

When I reached out he hopped onto my hand without hesitation and would not leave me. Reply That is a lovely story of you seeing the butterfly.

I lost my very dearest dog very recently, she was my best ever friend and I have been feeling so tragically sad.

I lost 2 of my nephew’s in 2009, my dad in 2014 and my brother Nov 2017.

Every morning since I lost my brother I go out side and have a cup of coffee an I see the same looking butterfly everytime. I say to myself every time I believe it’s my brother 😥 we were SOO CLOSE TO EACH OTHER!! While she has sent several signs she is fine, 2 involved butterflies.

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