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The currywurst connected a certain kind of West Berliner that is now becoming extinct.

The same goes for the East Berlin counter-currywurst offered at Konnopke’s.

Vienna has its Schnitzel, Brussels has its mussels and Berlin has a piece of barely digestible deep fried technicolor wurst. On his way to work, safely out of view of his wife Hillu, he would have his chauffeur stop so that he could gulp down a currywurst.

As the West Berliners grew richer, eating a currywurst last thing at night on the Ku’damm became fashionable.The university not only offers traditional subjects, it is also known for its interdisciplinary and unique programs such as the bachelor's degree program in Culture and Economy, the integrated LL. and state examination program in Law, and the Mannheim Master in Data Science.Alternatively, you can pursue an MBA at the Mannheim Business School (MBS) – one of the leading institutions for management education in Germany.The Berlin version of the wurst-history runs as follows: in the ruins of the city after the war, it was women who had to clear up the rubble and earn enough to feed their families.The immediate post-war years saw the rise of a quite extraordinary breed of female entrepreneurs.

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