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This is my Kate." Not real life, unless you're one of those Twitards that don't know the difference between the movies and real life. If you think Julia`s story is really great..., five weaks-ago my cousin basically brought home 42 workin a 20 hour week from there apartment and the're classmate's step-sister`s neighbour did this for eight months and errned more than 42 parttime from a pc. It means, dear fangurl Ruth R82 R83, that Lee won't attend public events with Armitage - as he did when he was with Carter Smith - with the exception of The Hobbit movies, where he'll be able to muddy the waters, since both have to promote the films.[R86]Firstly, just because they fuck doesn't mean they need to be seen as "lovers" NPH style at any premieres/red carpet. Same with the Richard Armitage gossip, though there was some talking outside this forum but i believe that it came from the very same "mouth", it was so obvious. He's always been in a glass closet AFAIKIt does look like it to me too, sort of openly gay (doesn't beard/no woman involved) at the same time keeps his lovelife private at best. R68 The guy even claimed that he was the ex-bf himself, but unfortunately there were many contradictions in his own details, and only remained circulating in DL ever since but not too long, since there was no evidence or noone outside DL ever brought it up. What a shame.[quote]I never said he was back in the closet.. It looks like he's openly gay in his private life and he doesn't beard up. Armitage is blowing up right now and is very popular among the fangirls. Worse: he's gonna go back from the glass closet to the deep closet.

You really need help fangurl nayla emanuela, because obviously it's you the person who can't accept the fact that Lee Pace is gay and keeps on posting that Lee is bi. People will still continue to discuss him, because guess what..

And he spends 3-4 hours in the gym every single day which doesn't leave much time for reading. So I guess Richard really is straight and Lee and him are not a couple? Honestly reading this thread and ONTD there isn't that much of a difference. R133, if you don't like us speculating that a celebrity is gay.. Of course there will be speculation about various male celebrities. You don't have to like it, but nobody is forcing you to read this thread. I'm sure there's a million websites where you can discuss his straightness with other fangirls.[quote]Yes poor fan girls there they are hoping he is straight with little proof that he had a gf and here you are hoping he is gay with no proof at all. Because at the end of the day, neither of these guys are going to tweet announcing "I'm gay & here's my cute boyfriend" like some school girls & over-the-top gays fame-whoring it on FB & twitter, like these haters are hoping for... Btw, I have to go back to work, see you soon, ugly frau. I tried to find out whether Lee was still with Carter, but all their appearances together date back 1-2 years, so it's hard to say. We hated it when they call us names but what about us calling them names just because they love actors? I think there's a lot of wishful thinking on this site, but there's a couple of celebrities I am certain are gay, and that's Wentworth Miller and Lee Pace.

I don't get why you're even reading this thread if you think it's so pathetic. Honestly reading this thread and ONTD there isn't that much of a difference. Not to mention he doesn't really live in NYC anymore. My little sister loves Lee Pace (so do I) and she really hoping that he's not gay, she's just being a girl and not necessarily homophobic like you think all fangirls are. Both have had boyfriends, in Wentworth's case Luke Macfarlane and in Lee's case Carter Smith.

The fact that Lee doesn't live IN NYC anymore but AROUND NYC is also very telling if you take into consideration that since autumn 2012 Armitage lives AROUND NYC as well. Evidently, Armitage was in NYC in late October/early November, R159.[quote]Armitage, who is doing the interview while in New York at the height of Hurricane Sandy – "I haven't got any power or water but I've got a phone line"[quote]Ok, fangurl, we got your point, now go back to ONTD. In your old days you will regret about the amount of your youth times being a useless cybebully, calling people "ugly, fat" in the most coward way, that cost you a decent sexlife, because this reflects your personality big time and it's such a turn-off. If you don't like us discussing gay celebs, why are you even here? And how exactly has people in this thread used gays misery for gossip?! Plus, If you don't wanna have someone disagree with you and your actions, it's not a "discussion" or forum, it's dictatorship at it's best. But if you want to continue to think he's straight go right ahead. You're saying me feeling that my opinions were right but what about YOU?

No wonder you're jealous of the two fortunate guys getting a lot of chances of some hot sex. It's a given that there will be speculation and talk about possible gay celebrities. All gossip forums are the same, with idiots in it, DL is not that unique as you think. I'm not convinced Lee is with Armitage, he might be.. You're convinced that the acto is gay, fine, I think so too..why the need to insult their fans with nasty names just because they WISH he wasn't gay?

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You're entirely free to leave if you don't like it. What exactly your problem with the fangirls anyway?

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