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The chemistry between Chad Michael Murray and Hilarie Burton was palpable and the characters were drawn to each other since the pilot.It’s not the original love triangle that was the issue here. Of course, by the time Peyton figured it out, she wound up betraying her best friend.However, there was a point at which the drama between them simply got to be too much.Veronica always had to worry about Logan and never felt that she could truly trust him - which is fair, since early on, he wasn’t what you might call trustworthy.It wasn’t just because Ryan and Marissa fogged up the screen every time they were on it, while Ryan and Linday lacked even the tiniest of sparks.The main issue was that there was just nothing interesting at all about Lindsay.Much like real life, one of the most vital aspects of any teen drama is the romantic relationships.

“I am not sure how her coming back changes Clark’s story any longer. alum Kristin Kreuk apparently was met with a meteor storm of fan criticism after sharing her take on the CW show’s upcoming series finale — so much so that she decided to set the record straight on where she stands. “Maybe later on — like, on DVD or something.” The actress’ honesty about not committing that Friday night to saying so long to the series she called home for seven years must have elicited some slings and arrows from the avid fandom.To fend off the online attacks — after all, she notes, “There are many people who are just waiting for me to say something that they can hate me for” — she posted some clarifications to her Facebook page.After the dark days of Veronica and Logan, her time with Piz was like a breath of fresh air, for both Veronica and the show itself.Even Kristen Bell has said that before the movie, she was Team Piz all the way. Logan is Veronica’s true love, but Piz actually made her happy.

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  1. Second time around - I again saw the opening left by the writer for a possible sequel. I would love to see a sequel - it could really be a showcase for the Korean CGI industry. The idea was unique and showed such great potential.