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When you type a Text in Salary, you will be prompted an error, and you cannot save the record.You will not be able to save the value even if you are using Query to input the the facts that our supplier give us but we are still in doubt.1.we ask what version was installed, they told it was a LICENSE ACADEMIC OFFICE,standard edition.2ask if whats the mode of the activation since they don't give as a hard case, they told us it was purchased ONLINE and it was via VOLUME LICENSING. we ask whats the expiration date , they told us it was a LIFE TIME activated..****is there such thing as a life time activated? When you create a Table, you can control the data type of the Field in Design View of the Table.

Protecting the validity of your data is one of the most important tasks of a database developer.This article shows how to create a textbox for 24-hour time input with full validation politely catching all errors.Entering time in a form in Microsoft Access can be difficult.If you have never written code or looked at an SQL statement before, no problem! This Access tutorial explains how to validate data type and data value in Access Table using Data Validation Property.

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