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This is available along with many other downloads including adventures and supplements. It uses the "Inertia X System" which emphasizes flexibility and speed of resolution for combat.

Action resolution is a stepped dice pool (1d4, 2d4, and on up to 4d20, 5d20). A complete, stand-alone RPG adventure with pre-generated characters set in a high-action cyberpunk future.

If your offense is greater than opponent's defense, you hit. Not really an RPG -- rather a version of the live-action party game, played over days. The basic rules are freeware (optional charge), with two commercial background settings for each.

Resolution is by rolling a number of d10s and summing the total with stat to compare to a target number. 100.) Character creation is by choosing a number of selections from race and profession, included in the Excel file.Resolution is scene-based, with player and GM rolling a number of d6s for stat modifiers, and taking the highest result, 1 for every tie for highest. Skill lower difficulty, while attributes add to the total. There are four free setting books, 20-30 pages each: a modern-day monster-hunter setting ("The Shaded Veil"), a dystopian sci-fi setting ("Overworld"), a modern conspiracy/horror setting ("Harlequinade"), and a medieval Europe setting ("The Kingdom of Norweign").In addition, there are three commercial settings: Heart Quest, CORPS, and Dreamwalker.36 pages core rules (PDF) plus 90 pages free settings (PDF).A post-apocalypse science fantasy setting, with various alien races mixed with tribal humanity. A humorous narrative space opera RPG, where players define their PC with a one-word Style, and roll 1d6 to enact plot changes to get both success/failure and a random Word of Science to incorporate into the plot. An RPG where the PCs are 60's secret agents fighting the supernatural -- Austin Powers meets Buffy the Vampire Slayer, or the Avengers and Hammer Horror.

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A game set in 3050 where Earth, Venus, and Mars are under tyrranical rule by the Syndicate (including the non-human vampiri and Venusian elves), using a very simple dice pool system similar to Shadowrun.

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