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I do believe they were out together, but Nino used to ALWAYS mention going out with her in Game Nikki, so it's not news or anything. I know where I'm moving when I study in Japan~ 8D/crazy stalker fan.lmaohaha dont they have a drama SP in the springtime?

They might just be friends, but who knows :3 I loooove her though, so I wouldn't mind at all. :)But the entire time while reading this Nino's whole "I've been cheated on before" and "I'm okay with being cheated on" ideology... & if that were the case, then jun & inoue mao definitely have something going on being as they're always spotted out together..they have no more projects together since...HYDF.....

Mizukawa and Nagasawa Masami are known to be close friends, and Ninomiya is rumoured to be in a relationship with Nagasawa.

However, a source has said that the two were together on a 'nabe date' - without Nagasawa:"We heard someone making a toast and what sounded like a great time, and I thought, 'No way!

Heir, Singer, Actor, Gamer, Host, Magician, Nino is also one of the JE idols whom the agency seemed to be lenient with.

In around the first week of the month at around 7pm, apparently Ninomiya rushed into the restaurant saying, 'in here, in here'.Maybe his cuteness could melt any of his seniors' hearts or maybe he is a truly obedient talent and understands the rules. If I were to have a brother like him, I would be bias too anyway.In the reports Nino and Noriko were seen going out about 11 pm.They stopped at a Honda Scooter, sat there and talked.Then they It was until 2001 that Nino and Norichan started out as a couple.

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