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There are two basic kinds of threats: the explicit kind that removes any doubt about the intentions of the person issuing the treat, and the vague kind that lets your imagination fill in the blanks, leaving you to scare yourself.

It sets up Luke's reluctance to join the war and his eagerness to escape Tatooine, while also establishing his friendship with Biggs.

While speaking with Entertainment Weekly, the legendary Luke Skywalker actor Mark Hamill revealed that Alec Guinness' famous declaration, "Use the Force, Luke," was included in the climactic trench run after another scene was cut.

Hamill was talking about his infamously whiny line about wanting to go to Tosche Station to retrieve power converters when he spoke about the deleted scene at the actual location, which featured lengthy exchange with Biggs Darklighter, who later meets his demise in the Death Star battle.

Everyone aspires to make great and harrowing threats, so let's learn from the best.

We need to begin our perfect muscle cars overview with one of our favorites.

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"All of his peers ridiculed him,” Hamill explained about Luke's life on Tatooine. He’s been out in the sun too long so you know he’s not particularly popular.

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