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If any pair of convex shapes share points, the objects are colliding.

I say "convex shape," but I really mean "convex hull." A convex hull for a shape is the smallest set of points that completely encloses the shape and is convex.

The convex hull of a cube is just that cube, while the convex hull of a hollow cube (in SL terms) would be a non-hollow cube of the same dimensions.

When you upload a mesh and have the viewer decompose the physics shape, essentially what it is doing is trying to is come up with a reasonable set of convex hulls to use for collision detection.

No need to UV map it or anything, just assign the materials to it and retry.

It probably isn't that but its worth a try The physics-requiring-textures bug failed silently, or with s "subset" error message, by greying out the calculate button.

It will blend then into the modell and you can see if all is right. "Well, then," the Cat went on, "you see, a dog growls when it's angry, and wags its tail when it's pleased.

If I recall correctly, the basic algorithms for determining if a point is inside a shape really only work if that shape is convex.

Example, the home I slapped together, is 5 rooms and some sort of door for each in one drop. Once generating physics and once uploading my own model. followed up by cheking how many Vertices the Model AND the Physics have added together, and if that runs over the limit.

Also you only can have a max of 256 Physics Hulls .. ( I dont think so, but its always good to be on the save side ) That error has been popping up for me lately.

I made a very simple physics model in my 3d prog and exported as a collada file and then tried to get the importer to load the shack and use the physics file I created. I just get the following error message: object failed to upload: Multiple errors while trying to validate asset.

New Agent Inventory_Invalid Asset I am using the Dev viewer because since I got the Nvidia bug it is the only viewer that lets me log in and stay logged in. Well there are a few possible ponts that are worth checking.

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All those sliders and settings on the physics tab are there to guide the way the viewer slices the physics shape up to come up with those hulls and how it optimizes them.

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