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She confessed that she was definitely much more attractive then all centrespread models who pose of magazine.Since that day I was obsessed with an idea of possessing my sexy wifes nude photographs.I used to travel very extensively in Western Region for business purpose.I meet my would be father in law first time at our local distributors place, he told me that they are search of suitable match for her elder daughter Mohini.I was found of reading Indian version of PLAYBOY magazine DEBONIER; he used read & collecting all issues since my college days.I used to share my precious collection with my darling wife Mohini, we jointly use to read and see old issues of DEBONIER magazine in leisure time.

She decided remained nude through-out the day, she did all household chores like cooking, cleaning in her birthday suit.

One day I shown her an advertisement published in an old issue of DEBONIER magazine appealing broadminded housewives to come forward and pose as nude models for centrespreads.

In the advertisement caption was very appealing, still I recollect even to-day SHOW THE WORLD WHAT YOU REALLY ARE. They requested housewives and non professional females models to come forward & send three photographs one close-up of face, another full length in any western dresses and third photographs in two piece bikini or bra & panty along with personal details like height, weight, and vital statistics with contact details.

Initially she was not comfortable and feeling awkward in wearing such dresses, but I was successfully able convince her that western dresses suits to her personality and she look more stunning & attractive in western clothes.

So gradually I have moulded her as per my modern life style.

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