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I don't remember why they had given me up to Charlie and Renée when I was young, but I don't regret it, that was until I heard the legends about the Quileute Tribe, about werewolves, Billy thought that it might be important to learn about this stuff, seeing as I am his flesh and blood and Charlie and Renée's.When Charlie and Renée divorced I was sent with Renée, as much to Billy's Discomfort, he didn't want his youngest daughter to be living in a city, with lots of people, but when I was 16 I decided to move back to fork to live with Charlie and be closer to Billy." he asked concern, I knew what was happening even though it should of happened to me."Yeah, can I use your phone?" I asked, I need to call Billy, this shouldn't be happening to me, I should have only been past down to Jacob, not me." Great Billy picked up."Billy, I said softly."Bella, what is it?" he asked, he knew I only called him if it was an emergency."It is happening; I thought it would only go to Jacob not me?I've been back to Forks many times, but the worst memory I have of coming back to Forks was to go to my Mothers funeral, I think I was four at the time.

"I got to go; they are going to be waiting for me." I said as I headed down stairs."Why are there two werewolves outside our house? I didn't want to look at then in the eyes knowing what I might see, distrust, hurt, and then Edward's eyes, now that I was a wolf and he was vampire." he asked smiling the crooked grin I had fell in love with so many times."Hmm…I don't think you could handle it," I said, looking away."What do you think I couldn't handle, I handled the situation knowing that you knew what my whole family was, mostly because of your best friend." He said mockingly talking about Jacob; sometimes I hated it when he teased my brother."Edward you know I don't like when you tease Jacob." I said."I know Bella." He said kissing me, he had a confused look on his face, when his hand toughed mine, it felt colder then it had ever been, even when I had a fever."Bella are you alright?Later on, he subjects himself the human modification ritual emerging as a modified human in order to become stronger and learn the magical arts of Youjutsu.Not long after, Tsukune finally gains full control over his vampiric powers by removing his Holy Lock and becoming a Shinso Vampire.

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Well right now the Cullens are getting worried about me because they think I have been hanging out with the wolves more and more, Jacob doesn't know that I am his sister, which also makes it harder for me every time he says that he Loves me, but he doesn't recognize it as brotherly love, that the only way I feel about him.

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