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I pretty much use it every day while I’m out and about on the beach.

It’s got a great mobile site that’s pretty much flawless.

Of course, the site has the standard friends list, hottest ranked members list, and the local matches section.

These are all different ways that you can sort through user profiles and meet someone fast.

I actually attended a swingers party that was posted in a local chat room.

Tom and I went and no we weren’t sword fighting with our dicks, you sick fuck!

Some of my favorite things about Fapchat are…Site Features My favorite features of this sex dating site are the various functions that exist on your profile.

They’ve also got a really smooth internal messaging system that seems to work quite well.

It’s called the “My Mailbox” section and this is where I catalog all the girls that I’ve messaged as well as fucked.

Guess what, it’s worked in every single city we’ve used it (except one small country bumpkin town with less than 1,000 population).

Now, I could have held that back but I’m not here to jerk you off.

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