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If you want to reward them for their time, then buy them a drink or give a tip. However, the Thai government was never keen to criminalise a profession that has flourished in the country for centuries and they only did so under political pressure from the UN and US at the time.The 1960 legislation was replaced in 1996 by a new piece of legislation called "The Prevention and Suppression of Prostitution Act".It is the largest and poorest region of Thailand where the monthly wage can be as little as 3000-baht (approx US).It is also the region where traditions are strongest.They soon discovered the charms of the local girls and a new industry was born in Thailand.Prostitution in Phuket does is not particularly linked to human trafficking.

This is the northeast of Thailand and is the agricultural heartland of the country.

The girls may have started working on farms or in factories from as young as eleven years old.

There is a common perception that girls working in Thailand's sex industry start at a young age.

If you are not offended then it is a great place to drink and people-watch. If you go as a couple or make it clear that you do not want the attention of the girls then they will leave you alone (eventually).

However if you want to talk to the girls in the beer bars they will be happy to have a chat or play bar games such as connect-four or dice games.

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