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The Landmark Aviation case is scheduled for trial beginning July 15.When asked for comment on the situation, Net Jets replied that it “is continuing to operate normally in and out of Signature Flight Support and Landmark Aviation.” Landmark declined to comment on the pending litigation, but the court ruled on April 5, 2013, that the FBO chain is “restrained from denying fuel and other FBO services to plaintiffs’ existing clientele, including plaintiff’s existing Support Services clientele, pursuant to the Fuel and FBO Services Agreement between plaintiffs and defendant dated as of July 1, 2010.” That order was later dissolved and replaced by a “consent order,” to which the parties agreed, that is not part of the public court file.

They get away with it mostly because airport sponsors , usually a government entity lets them get away with it because they try to screw Signature by charging ridiculous fees to operate and let Signature do the dirty work of passing the screwing along to the end user.

He and his family have flown more than 5,000 hours on Net Jets to date — equivalent to flying 24 hours a day for seven months.

And Embraer's Melbourne operation, which assembles Phenom 100 and Phenom 300 business-class jets, had a hand in that.

In an email dated March 19, Net Jets warned Landmark that failure to serve such clients with discounted pricing could be considered a breach of contract and requested written assurance from Landmark that the incident would not be repeated with any aircraft covered under EJM’s latest management agreement.

Landmark Response On March 22 the FBO chain replied, informing Net Jets that it would not provide the contract fuel discount to Net Jets’ corporate flight department clientele at any Landmark location, claiming that “the EJM ‘Support Services’ program appears to be nothing more than an effort by EJM to sell Landmark’s discount pricing to aircraft owners and operators for whom EJM does little else.” In an early-April letter to EJM clients, Landmark outlined its position, explaining that through its Support Services program, EJM is attempting to offer participants, for a “relatively nominal annual fee,” the same discounted services extended to EJM fully managed aircraft.

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