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This is an era of experimentation for young people as they try to have it all: their obsession with the Internet and their desire for intimacy.If you’re single, struggling to reconcile the distance that the Internet somehow both creates and closes between potential partners, how better to avoid the social awkwardness of face-to-face interactions and assuage the fear of rejection than by sliding into some hot girl’s DMs, comfortable in the illusion of a personal conversation without actually having one?Despite that confusion, the caricature of the commitment-phobic, sex-starved, Tinder-obsessed, strictly-a-casual-dater Millennial had to come from somewhere, and the Internet is probably to blame: Most Millennials project an outgoing version of ourselves on social media that we’re too cautious to actually live out in reality. With that camaraderie comes a lessening of the shame that the generations before ours felt about sex.The language of social media is that of openness, and most Millennials (90 percent of us, according to Pew) use it, often publicizing our personal lives – including the intimate details of our sexual encounters. Our desires are no longer strange; we feel free to discuss all of our preoccupations with sex and dating, no matter how unusual or potentially embarrassing.” Asher is struggling, as are many Millennials – defined by the Pew Research center as the group of people born after 1980 who came into their young adulthood in or near 2000, of which this writer is a part – to understand how his own generation has redefined courtship.Not that any generation has figured out a foolproof way of forming human connections.Pew found that only 5 percent of Americans who are married or in a long-term relationship met their partner online.As much as Millennials share online, they still don’t trust it to find love.

Scroll through the “explore” section of Instagram, for instance, and you’ll find posts on Tinder nightmares, how to belittle your ex, the importance of “cuffing season” and the struggle of being single when you “miss regular dick.” The freedom to share our sexual experiences with the world gives us an uncommon camaraderie among our peers. While these platforms make us feel less alone in the struggles that go along with maintaining a romantic relationship, social media simultaneously isolates us: Instagram and Twitter promise an audience of Millions without the awkwardness or inconvenience of real-world interactions. She will have these COTAs with six packs, vraa paas and money that will at every chance try to score her omes. He will upload everything on social media and time will always be an issue. He will have fans that are cuter than you are meme.Are we having nonstop kinky sex with one-night stands or remaining celibate into adulthood?But perhaps we’re so misunderstood by society-at-large because even Millennials themselves haven’t quite decided what we want.

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But for Millennials, online dating seems to have further complicated the already mysterious process of falling in love.

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