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Waitress Donna Isabella admitted in an interview with Special Agent Grant Cuzzupe that she had been paid under the table by “Jane or Tony,” and that Tony was the boss. When you were interviewed by Agent Cuzzupe, you told him that it was Tony Rotolo who asked for the ,000 loan and not Ciani? To the best of my recollection, what he asked me I answered, you know. And when you told him it was Tony who wanted the ,000 loan, was that the truth? I might have thought it was, but I even thought that I gave Tony the money, but I didn’t give it to Tony…. A local newspaper article published shortly after Ciani obtained the bar and license identified Rotolo as the new owner of Sir John’s.But when subpoenaed to testify, Isabella denied that Rotolo was her boss or that he paid her. Another associate of Rotolo, William Guarini, a local plumbing and heating contractor, performed renovations at Sir John’s. When John Ciani appeared in a private hearing before the Commission, he too invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege.The good news is that you are not alone after an accident—Levinson Axelrod, P. You do have the option of filing a claim with the New Jersey Proper-Liability Insurance Guaranty Association (NJPLIGA) following your motor vehicle collision.In order to begin the claims process, you will need to file a Proof of Claim (POC) with the Liquidator. PIP, also known as personal injury protection benefits, is a package of benefits designed to cover the costs of any personal injury matter, including vehicle accidents. In fact, wasn’t it Tony who went over the work with you more than John Ciani did? Might have, yes, might have, but I can’t recall it.Surveillances in January, 1992, did not find Rotolo at Sir John’s; John Ciani was present, however.

In an interview with Agent Cuzzupe, Fucci stated that Rotolo arranged for Fucci and his son to perform renovations at Sir John’s Pub. But in his testimony Guarini denied that Rotolo hired him and insisted instead that it was Ciani. Ciani — I went over all the bathrooms with John Ciani and everything else. Anthony Rotolo also invoked his Fifth Amendment privilege in both private and public hearings.

Even the safest drivers are vulnerable to vehicle accidents.

From unforeseen hazards on the road to the unpredictability of other motorists, there are countless dangers drivers encounter. We can provide representation for and counsel on the following: If you have been in an accident, you may be concerned with filing a claim as soon as possible.

Fucci said that Rotolo still owes ,000 and pays “a few hundred dollars” whenever he sees Fucci. It wasn’t true because I didn’t know was — you know — what really I received the money that time. When you told Special Agent Cuzzupe that Tony Rotolo gave you some money — A. After the agents began issuing subpoenas for records and individuals to testify, however, Rotolo was not seen on the premises again.

Again, however, Fucci’s story changed significantly and became confused when asked specific questions in his private testimony before then-Commissioner W. When you told Special Agent Cuzzupe that Tony Rotolo gave you a sum of money to start this work, that wasn’t true? In fact, Rotolo had to be located elsewhere in order to serve him with a subpoena.

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