Nicky wu and liu shi shi dating

You know the American ads that always make fun of the white loser husbands that r/mensrights always complain about? These should be the only ads featuring white people in Asia... We need to show them they are even worse in the east because they came to exploit the east.

and nobody could complain, because white people made these ads themselves, and when we show them, we can say that we just do it for "diversity". A white loser husband shouldn't get a second chance with an asian girl while some chinese guy working his ass off has to compete with other chinese guys for fewer girls.

He posted a picture on his Weibo account in which appears to be two wedding certificates and two wedding bands. Let’s get one thing straight: I AM SO HAPPY FOR THEM.

As I was about to call it a day and turn to my comfy bed, news broke out that Nicky Wu and Liu Shi Shi have tied the knot.

Initially they denied it but everybody could tell they were very much into each other. I find his story inspiring, not only because of his career/personal journey, but also its heavy dose of asian masculinity aspect.

She also became huge because of the show and got plenty of starring opportunities after that and got a few awards. It's funny because the media likes to say they made their on-screen relationship to a real one. I don't think he did it to get back at his ex-wife. He just improved himself and worked as hard as he could. If I may add my 2 yuan: Cuckolding/gold digging/branch swinging behavior rarely happens out of the blue; everyone has a history and attitudes manifest in behavior. And also because she is 38, the chances of the baby having something wrong is a lot higher.

My uncle, who runs a Karaoke chain in China, had a similar story.

His first wife ditched him because she wanted a Louis V bag, but at the time, they were too poor to afford it.

Also serves as a nice reminder to the ex-wife of what could have happened if they were still together. Giving the fact that female stars in Asia married to whites and being role models, I can see why some if not majority the AF in Asia and Anglo-spheres wants to marry white as well.It sucked for Nicky because he had to pay her a lot of alimony. He is the CEO of some mobile game company in Asia and apparently made a lot of money. In 2011 he landed the role of a Chinese drama called "Scarlet Heart." It's a time-traveling historical drama that proved to be extremely popular, and Nicky finally reached superstardom.What really sucked was that the Asian hoe said something like "I couldn't wait to pop out some beautiful mix-race babies." Everybody in China hated her but hey, what can you do? He also got a ton of awards and audiences loved him.I see this as more of a lesson to not be the white guy. This story is a prime example of how Asian men are naturally red pill on the inside, while white men are naturally blue pill.Working your ass off to become a millionaire only to marry a post-wall woman who had been used by other guys during her youth? When we discard bullshit Western ideologies and follow our instincts, we naturally tap into our original alpha powers...

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I'm sharing his story because it's pretty inspiring.

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