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The latter is true with the impressive Rogers World Elite Mastercard, which is like the Platinum Plus card but accompanied by better perks and superior cash back rates.

In exchange, applicants must meet a higher annual income and credit requirement (though the card still has no annual fee).

Aside from that, using a credit card that subsidizes or waives your foreign transaction fee is actually cheaper than exchanging currencies at the bank, or at a boutique foreign exchange bureau – which routinely cost anywhere from 1%-3% to exchange your money.

Debit and out-of-country ATM cash withdrawals are no better, each typically charging a foreign exchange fee of 2.5% or more.

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Another excellent option is The Rogers Platinum Mastercard which now gives you 3% cashback rewards on all purchases in a foreign currency and 1.25% cashback rewards on all other purchases – one of the richest flat cashback rewards rates for a no annual fee card in Canada.

Rogers Mastercard’s foreign transaction subsidy is structured differently than the Home Trust Preferred Visa Card’s fee waiver, but still offers significant value.

Aside from waiving the 0% foreign transaction fee option, this credit card also gives Canadians 1% cash back on all purchases, without any limits on how much cash back you can earn or where you can earn it, as well as travel perks like roadside assistance, auto insurance, and liability insurance.

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Rogers offers 3% cashback rewards on purchases in a foreign currency, but charges 2.5% in foreign transaction fees – the net cashback rewards rate is thus 3% – 2.5% FX fee = 0.5% in net cashback rewards.

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