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A simple phone call, email or text, saying “Look what I just found” and sharing this information may make a difference in someone else’s life.

It would be great if these could be generated in an easily printed format.

I have been getting chatted up by a guy called Wilfred Joe, who claims to work on oil rigs and has a young son called Wilson.

He asked if I would send him money for leave from the rigs.

I have been looking here to check him out and note he has been using lots of different names like Daniel Markel, Roland Smith etc. I just had a very similiar experiance but his name is Anthony James.

He is still contacting me saying him loved me and I have made it clear I’m sending no money, His name is Kev but he likes to be addressed as Wilson.. He then told me that all he could do was think about me. Lot's of time they back east but on my same time zones. A month later, he gave me the good news of recieving his pay for the job and the vehicle that came with the contract.

I have pics of him too and gave them and all his info he gave me, to my son (who is a police officer) to research him. Chris gave me all fake info including a fake SS #, birthdate, telephone #, fake parents name and all. Also felt heartbroken because I felt that he really was sincere and being honest.

Then he has the nerve to call me annoting cause I call him on everything. Then things just didn't start adding up right, and when I would question it, I rarely got an answer.

First he said send it Western Union,then he said no, send it through Money Gram. Want me to sent him lots of money for flight to come here and meet me and marry me.

Same person claiming to be General Townsend, born in Griffin Georgia, and is overseas fight the war.......wanted me to send two I-tunes cards because he's not able to have any money and can't access his bank while there..........hmmmmm go figure He's is also in love with me and wants us to be together when he gets back to the states......................

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