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With the support of people telling her that she needed to get her act together in those threads, she changed for the better.

There's more recent stuff but on a new domain that I stopped paying for.

i think she told me she went through a phase where she wanted to be a boy. maybe she didn't think she was girly or feminine enough to be a girl, her god given right.... She found anime and manga and characters that she could relate with. And instead of trying to be some girly girl, she wanted to be like them. Then there was the drug phase and her first boyfriend...was young i guess. I can't believe autistic fucks like you really exist.

It's at the same time painful and revigorating.

So go ahead and return your degree to your shitty state school, stupid gay faggot.27155986Generally they're considered pathologically dramatic or emotional, especially in terms of relationships.

You generally see splitting (black and white), inadvertent manipulation, and hysteria.

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