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It’s why our mountain bikes are built to do it all in any circumstance, from downhill to dirt jump, cross-country to crosstrail, enduro and all-mountain to just exploring and getting lost.It’s what has driven us to evolve the Hei Hei line into the most efficient, versatile and exciting line of progressive XC bikes ever.

Innovation has captured our imagination and led us to create an evolved and sophisticated Roadhouse road bike that, until now, only existed in our dreams.

Grace’s tight, diminutive body moves here like a supernatural cat, always smooth, always hot.

And your eyes follow along to the sultry tempo of her private secrets. Using a captivating mixture of slow motion, panning, and intense close-ups, this film follows our model as this honey slow dances a kind of intimate love dance just for you. Petter asks his model to look through the basket of flags and figure out who’s going to win the World Cup, but his motive isn’t what it seems… Hegre is doing all it can to help the mystic subcontinent correct the problem, and this film is exhibit one.

Ironically, the American is the expert, and the Indian the novice. It’s the source of life, and it comes in so many different shapes and sizes.

And while there’s undeniable magic between them, it’s about two thirds of the way through – when the cucumber enters – that things reach an almost super-natural level. But when shown in this way – proudly, joyfully, erotically – it stakes its claim to truly being the epicentre of the world. Not only does she have a vibrant personality and a gorgeous body, but this gal has what must certainly be the largest pair of vaginal lips you have ever seen.

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