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They add the total number of nurses they employ at the end of each month: Month 1 = 8 Month 2 = 1 Month 3 = 7 Month 4 = 8 Month 5 = 9 Month 6 = 8 Total = 48 They calculate the total number of nurses that have left employment each month: Month 1 = 0 Month 2 = 1 Month 3 = 1 Month 4 = 0 Month 5 = 0 Month 6 = 1 Total = 3 Sunnyside’s turnover rate is 37.5.Wyndmoor Hills Health Care & Rehabilitation Center was one of nine Skyline Healthcare facilities taken over by the Pennsylvania Department of Health on April 27 after Skyline ran into financial trouble.A 12 month time period is best, but if you don’t have 12 months of data consider using the past six months.To calculate the cost of turnover to your organization, multiply the number of nurses that have left the organization by ,000* (*turnover average based on national data and includes orientation costs, recruitment costs, overtime costs, and background checks).Geri-Res curriculum is appropriate for new nursing school graduates as well as experienced nurses new to long term care.Geri-Res is turnkey, giving you everything you need to implement a world-class geriatric care nurse residency program.Two program components, Clinical Coach and RN Resident, leverage a mentor/mentee model to create the best learning environment for new nurse success.You appoint two experienced nurses within your organization to be the Geri-Res Clinical Coaches.

Organizations using Geri-Res immediately begin to see improvements in nurse knowledge, confidence, and job satisfaction.

While she still worked at Rosemont, Johnson said, she went to the dentist for a teeth cleaning and was told she had to pay because she didn’t have insurance even though the money was being taken out of her paycheck every other week.

An employee at another facility said he was slammed with a 0 dental bill from work done in December because Skyline wasn’t paying the premiums.

Equally important, there are other “costs” to an organization associated with high turnover: remaining employee burnout, poor staff morale, reputation in the community and impact on residents.

*Van Camp & Chappy, 2017 For example, Sunnyside Skilled Nursing decides to measure their nurse turnover rate using 6 months of data.

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