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If you suspect a person is located offshore (or they tell you they are working on an oil rig or some other ‘romantic’ place) please alert us immediately through the If you've been corresponding with someone and they decline to send you a picture (or the picture looks like it may have been 'borrowed' from the internet), be suspicious. Check the background of any picture as well, as this can reveal more about the person.

Our registration process is simple, and it's our own.

In the real world (as opposed to the online/virtual world) we believe that the best way to meet someone is by being introduced by a friend or third party.

As this is not possible here online, we believe that introducing yourself using 5050's Intro is the next best option.

The concept behind vlog is not only safety (a vlog can verifify someones identity) but also to help you decide whether you'd actually like to meet the person in question. We are not a corporation or aligned with any other business or dating site here or overseas. We do not share information or sell information to third parties.

We do not use Cookies to store personal information.

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