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Updating the Changeset date is TOTALLY UNSUPPORTED.The TFVC server object ensures that changesets are always created in chronological order and makes a few assumptions based on this assurance.To create a change set for a running stack, submit the changes that you want to make by providing a modified template, new input parameter values, or both.AWS Cloud Formation generates a change set by comparing your stack with the changes you submitted.I know his changes will affect me, and rather than deal with the conflicts later, I would like to update my branch, with the changes that are now in the main dev line, so I can deal with them in my branch, prior to merging back into main. I recommend keeping merges (and any necessary merge conflict resolution, build breaks, test breaks) as their own changeset.That is, do not mix other feature work with merges.We use liquibase for source controlling the database.

So, we have our main dev line, I create a branch, and developer b creates a branch. developer b finishes his work, merges back into the main dev line.

For example, we have a changeset which creates the table with fields of type ' JSON'. So, when we run the changeset against the other database, it fails to create the table. But, the later changesets failed because the table doesnot exist.

Could you please suggest how to refactor the old changeset to make compatible with other database as well? You could try re-creating the changeset to work in the new DB, and adding the "dbms" attribute equal to the new DB to the new changeset.

Change sets allow you to preview how proposed changes to a stack might impact your running resources, for example, whether your changes will delete or replace any critical resources, AWS Cloud Formation makes the changes to your stack only when you decide to execute the change set, allowing you to decide whether to proceed with your proposed changes or explore other changes by creating another change set.

You can create and manage change sets using the AWS Cloud Formation console, AWS CLI, or AWS Cloud Formation API.

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