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With over a million quality singles from all around the world, you can make a new friend or set up a date—all for free! Maybe they should change that line where they say “Our advanced matching system is based on you” to “Our advanced matching system is based on how hot we think you are.” Assuming that this is all true (and we trust our tipsters around here), this policy is a bunch of discriminatory, attractiveness-norm-reinforcing, bullshit.Not to mention the fact that it just doesn’t make sense.

That said, having tried out a few dating sites I do really appreciate Ok Cupid's openness to various sexualities and relationship forms.Your statement: "Let's be honest here, they're already on an online dating site.It means they're having trouble attracting someone in the real world," doesn't just apply to unattractive people.Similarly, I've found that their algorithm does work. i have an Ok Cupid profile (Panty_Buns) and the algorithms seem to be working strangely.I'm now interested in reading profiles that quiver gives me. The people who check me out aren't finding what they thought they'd find and vice versa.

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For those who have been granted “attractive” status, “Suddenly, the world is your oyster.” What the hell kind of world were they in before?

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