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In opposite, an honest woman will usually have distinctive requirements to her prospective partner, with the words "educated" and "financially secure" to be seen most often. Her letters are seldom regular like sunrise - she has some other responsibilities, and this is not her way of making a living!

Almost impossible that she says: "I love you", in anything earlier than 2-3 months (if ever!

), even then, she does not spend her whole letter discussing "her love" - most likely you will get a brief report on the weather and some casuals of her everyday life.

And only top income people in the countries of the former Soviet Union have credit cards - but then they don't need your money for visa and ticket. All those stories about 0 (0, 0) visas to USA are for people who know nothing about the process.Another story that comes to my mind belongs to Czech writer Carel Chapek.It was a novel about a police detective who unexpectedly met two of his former clients at a posh restaurant, a respectably looking man in his 50th and a middle aged glossy woman - the joke was that both of them were famous marital scammers, and were extracting money from the opposite sex promising to marry their victims.From my experience, there are several scam patterns that are used over and over, and I believe it's the same individuals or groups hiding under a few names behind the each pattern (by the way, many are ... *Her* description of the partner is always very broad that will fit anybody - "kind intelligent man, age and race don't matter".(Doesn't it look similar to Jeff Peters' ad for you? Her financial situation is very bad - and she lets you know from the very beginning how little she earns, including the size of her salary even though you never asked about it (variant: she is a student).

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